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When you’re between seasons, it’s hard to know what you’re in the mood for. Soup? Light and airy salads? Ribs or a steak off the grill? Maybe all of those! What’s fresh and different at the grocer? What looks fun to tap into from the pantry? Time to brainstorm and toss around ideas.

Food Talk

  • Immerse Yourself in Immersion

    Tool Talk ~ Immersion blenders are not new.  I cannot remember when I got my first one, but it was probably in the 80’s.  They were first invented in 1950, but I am pretty sure it was a decade or two later when it became a typical household item.  Braun was one of the first…


  • Chili Peppers 101

    “Chili”, “chile”, whatever.  I’m originally from Texas, so it’s “chili pepper”.  ‘Nuff said. Sooo, today our chili pepper talk has a narrow focus on five varieties that can be found consistently in chain grocery stores.  If you live in a climate where the growing season is longer and farmers markets (or grocers) have access to…


  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

    Talk about flavor dimensions and wonderful texture! Make the large batch~ it freezes beautifully, except we nosh on it daily when it’s around, so it never makes it to the freezer.


  • Recipe: Air Fryer Salmon with Sweet/Savory Rub

    For salmon lovers, there is no need to overpower its pure flavor bomb, but we’ll give a few ideas if you want to stretch out a bit. Not required to use an air fryer.


About Me

Hi, I’m patricia, founder of culineering

how can culineering make food prep easier, more fun and more delicious for me?

What are the secrets to tasting and adjusting food?  What tools make it easier or more possible? I see about 1,000 recipes every week… which ones are worthy of my time?

We plan to help with the answers to those questions ~ and we bet you have a lot more questions, so EMAIL ME ALREADY !!